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Birds of Paradise at Momu, Antwerp

Antwerp is thé city of fashion. Ok, I admit, New York, Paris, London and Milan are probably more important, but as a chauvinistic Antwerpian, it is my prerogative to totally ignore this fact and believe Antwerp is the one and only centre of fashion. Being a city of fashion means housing numerous, or should I say countless, shops. It also implies being home to famous designers (in case you have just landed in this beautiful city, Dries Van Noten, Dirk Bikkembergs and Tim Van Steenbergen are all from Antwerp), having a well-known fashion academy and, of course, a fashion museum.

Momu is a small museum, but it puts on remarkable exhibitions. Today I visited “Birds of Paradise. Plumes and Feathers in Fashion”. My last name being “de Pauw”, which translates to “peacock” in English, I felt morally obliged to go. I didn’t regret it.

On show were amazing haute couture garments with plumes and feathers by Prada, Chanel, Vuitton and many others famous designers. My favourite in the category “wearable”, although probably not affordable, was a powdery pink Chanel dress with multiple feather applications in the shape of flowers. In “the crazier, the better” category I had a black and a white favourite, both from the showcase “Black and White Swan”, which you can see in the photo. Out of category is the incredible coat (this seems such a simple word to describe this masterpiece) designed for Marlène Dietrich by Jean Louis of Hollywood in the fifties. It goes without saying that I just loved the hat made of peacock feathers, pretty impractical, but very stylish.

If you get a chance, you should really go and explore. The exhibition is still on till 24/08/14. And after your visit, you can do some designer shopping in the fashion area of Antwerp.

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